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3 Things You Need to Know About Healing

Written by Sarah Kreuz / @Sarah.F.Kreuz

Your Healing Journey is Just That: A Journey

Your journey towards healing is a process of unfolding. Of finding home within. And of slowly reuniting with the parts of yourself that you thought were broken, lost, or destroyed.

But how exactly does this “healing” happen? How are we supposed to reach and nurture the depths of your soul when our inner worlds feel so distant and wounded?

More importantly: how do we begin the process of not only recognizing the contents of experiences but also accepting them so we can finally move on & heal?

Well, my dear, the journey inwards is just that: a journey.

A journey that often begins carefully with caution and slowly with intention.

You’re learning how to reunite with part of yourself you thought Were destroyed

If you’re like me, then you’ve spent a good amount of time running from yourself. Using anything in order to avoid doing the inner work. And as a consequence, postponing your own healing. But no matter how often you run from the truth you know to be true deep down within, you still can deny the calling you have to go deeper. To explore the worlds within. And to take the next, or first step, of your healing journey.

As you begin exploring new depths and the uncharted terrains within your soul, please remember to offer yourself the kindness and compassion you so rightfully deserve. To be patient with yourself. And to also embrace the hurt and wounded parts of yourself with the unshakable sense of courage and strength you always have access to within.

Your healing journey will ask many things of you.

Some will be difficult. Not because they are painful, but because you will be asked to give yourself the love and acceptance you’ve denied yourself for too long.

So as you approach the dark parts of your core, your shadow, and the painful experiences you have tried to forget, remember to do so with a sense of safety and security that you can always return to.

Give yourself some perspective and know that whatever depths you touch, or whatever sorrow you are engulfed in, know that it is only temporary.

And know that whatever darkness you find yourself in. is not the end of your story.

You already have everything you need within you

Everything you need to heal is within you, and that includes an infinite well of love and strength. I know sometimes it may not feel like it. Some days, you might even question how you can life on. But please know that in those moments of what feels like complete darkness, you are learning how to find the anchor within.

The anchor, that for many of us, we wrongly believed didn’t exist.

So as you dig deep…

As you journey inwards…

And as you comfort the wounded parts of your soul…

Please, my dear, don’t forget who you really are and all the beauty, love & potential you inherently possess.

And don’t forget that as you walk through your own shadows, they are only a part of you and not the whole picture. You can bring healing and light to the dark, you just have to remember how to access its source. And that no matter how deep or how far you stray, the love you need to heal is within you.

You just have to remember to trust yourself. And know that the love, healing & strength you seek can always be found in even the darkest of moments.

You are whole. You are complete & you are forever supported on your path.

And as always, enjoy your journey inwards, my dear.

You got this.

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About the Author:

Hi, I’m Sarah Kreuz & my goal is to help you along your journey of personal development and self-healing. This blog is a free resource that you can use to deepen your understanding of the world and yourself. Thank you for being here, and as always, enjoy your journey inwards.

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