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7 Step Energy Healing Ritual for Depression

Written by Sarah Kreuz / @Sarah.F.Kreuz

Why I Use Energy Healing for Depression:

I’ve spent most of life my depressed.

Deep sorrow used to consume me. But despite how dark or crippling the journey, I never once gave up hope that there was a way out. And that this level of suffering would not last forever.

I believe the knowing that suffering would not last forever is what kept me moving forward, instead of beginning to even contemplate an alternative. The emptiness in my soul existed for as long as I could remember.

I thought it was normal. Just part of the human experience. For years, I accepted this as my state of existence. Something that I had to learn to deal with until it naturally went away.

Therapy helped a little.

It gave me the label of Major Depressive Disorder. It offered the perspective that this pain was actually not normal. And can thus be changed. I gave up therapy & meds after seeing the dark side of the mental health system.

But while I gave up what was considered the traditional path, I most certainly did not give up on my unshakeable quest for truth, wholeness, & healing.

On this journey, I have discovered that there are many planes to existence & healing. And that the methods recognized by society at large are not the only options.

The practice above is one that I do to help understand & lessen my own suffering. Will it help you on your own journey? I hope.

My desire is also to show you that alternative approaches exist. That your healing path can & will be unique.

Your soul knows exactly what you need to heal. And that you can trust yourself, regardless of what the world & others might be telling you.

One breath at a time.

With love,
Sarah Kreuz / @sarah.f.kreuz

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About the Author:

Hi, I’m Sarah Kreuz & my goal is to help you along your journey of personal development and self-healing. This blog is a free resource that you can use to deepen your understanding of the world and yourself. Thank you for being here, and as always, enjoy your journey inwards.

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