Coaches, Healers and Creators:

Want to create meaningful change in the world by sharing your work & soul online but… you’re holding yourself back?

A 90-Minute Online Workshop to Help you Let Go of What’s Keeping You Stuck, Heal How Your See Yourself  & Take Action Towards Your Goals

This LIVE Online Workshop is on July 17th. Your purchase includes  recording of the event.

A Note From Sarah F. Kreuz

Following Your Dreams is Fucking Difficult.

Creating a life filled with meaning & purpose while making money doing what you love can feel impossible. Especially if you don’t know even know where to start… right? And if you’re like most people new to the online business world, you have so many beautiful visions and goals you want to achieve…

...but you find that you aren’t making much progress.

Well, the reality is this: You want to find the freedom to be who you are while making change in the world

but something within you is keeping you stuck

Maybe you find yourself creating content, products, art, whatever… but posting or publishing your work for the world to see. Instead, sitting there in self-doubt, insecurity, and fear.

Maybe you have beautiful visions and dreams of the life that you feel called to pursue. And deep down you know that it is just that… a calling. A knowing. A feeling that you cannot ignore. But you find that you are no closer to them than you were a few months ago. 

Most people think that in order to be find success in their lives, they must learn a new strategy or mimic the success path of someone else, but the truth is…

It’s time too change how you see yourself.

“The idea that you need to be someone else other than who you already are is what’s holding you back”

– Sarah F. Kreuz

Imagine if you could finally…

Start the podcast you've been called towards

Publish the book you've been wanting to

Put out your first offering or product

Share your unfiltered truth & story on social media

Create content that is authentic AND powerful

Release the art or music you've been creating for years

Well, what if I told you that is all possible for you?

“It’s time to step into the version of yourself you know you are meant to be.”

– Sarah F. Kreuz


The Empowered Visionary

w/ Sarah Kreuz & Heidi Jensen

A LIVE A 90-Minute Online Workshop to Help you Let Go of What’s Keeping You Stuck, Heal How Your See Yourself & Take Action towards Your Goals

This is a LIVE Online Workshop on July 17th, 2022. Your purchase includes video & audio recording of the event.

What’s Included in the LIVE Workshop:

LIVE Broadcast: July 17th @ 10 AM PST

Recordings Included w/ Purchase

Part 1:

Uncovering Your Inner Resistance: How to Identify the Beliefs Holding You Back

Together we will:

  • Dive deep within the psyche and soul in order to gain critical self-awareness about the story and beliefs you are telling yourself
  • Uncover the most detrimental thoughts that are keeping you stuck from moving forward
  • Identify the key piece of information that is keeping you from your goals (the belief keeping you where you are to & not where you want to be) 

Part 2:

Returning Your Body & Releasing Limiting Beliefs: How to let go of a belief from your body & nervous system 

Together we will:

  • Pinpoint where in your body you are holding onto stagnant emotions while creating a space of safety within
  • Use a powerful breathwork technique to release stuck emotions, beliefs, and energy from your body
  • Open up the space within to start welcoming a new version of yourself

Part 3:

Journey into Your New Reality: Embracing a New Version of Yourself

You will learn:

  • Experience how this new version of yourself shows up  
  • A shamanic journey into your new reality 
  • Embracing and start becoming the person you know deep down you are meant to become.

Community Building for LIVE Attendees:

Part 4:

Community Circle and Q&A Session: Group Discussion & Integration

Together we will:

  • Meet community members and like-minded coaches, healers, and creators 
  • Group Discussion to share and integrate the valuable insights you just achieved     
  • Open Q&A to get all of your questions answered 

Your Purchase Includes:

What You’ll Receive:

The Empowered Visionary: A LIVE Online Workshop 

  • LIVE 60-Minute Workshop
  • LIVE 30-Minute Group Discussion and Q&A
  • Video Recording of the Workshop
  • Audio Recording of the Workshop
VALUE: 297$

Please Note: This workshop is limited to 100 People.

Early Bird Pricing Now Available. Price will go up on July 12th.

Early Bird Pricing Now Available. Price will go up on July 12th.

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the workshop?

This workshop will be broadcasted LIVE on zoom on Sunday, July 17th PDT. Once you register, you will. be emailed a confirmation with a Zoom link. 

When is the workshop?

As part of your purchase, do you receive the video recording of the workshop which you can watch at a later date if you are unable to attend live. You will also receive the audio recording. You will receive the links to the recording after the filming of the workshop on July 17th at 10 AM PDT.

What happens after I register?

After you register, you will be emailed a confirmation of your purchase as well as Zoom link. You will also receive a reminder email the day of the call with the Zoom link as well.

If you registered and did not receive an email, please email us at and we will be happy. to assist. 

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