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Why Can’t Let Go

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You are allowed to be transformed. When I was 16, I had dreams of being a graffiti artist. I bought spray paint, cardboard, and started practicing making stencils.

One of the first ones I created was a cut out of a ballerina holding a gun pointed directly at her face. The title that went along with it? Vanity Kills.

The ballerina represented society’s unrealistic standards of beauty. And the gun? Well… the self-inflicted pain we create trying to live up to it.

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Even at a young age, I was aware of the suffering in both myself and others, and wanted to shine light on it.

I had both dreams and desires of rebelling and leaving my mark on the world. Not because I wanted to deface property (lol) but because I had a message to get out. The lesson here is that despite your age, ethnicity, race, gender, whatever: your message lives inside of you.

It does that leave you.

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You are living out your message every single moment of every day. While what’s yours to express can be temporarily buried & ignored, it cannot be destroyed.

Your message is woven into the fibers of your being while your voice is the medium you use to express it.

So if you are looking for your message, look deeply towards the things in your life that have meaning but that also cause you the deepest source of pain.

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And your voice? It can be found in the very ways that you choose to express and communicate the beauty, love, pain, story, and vision that exists within you.

And your platform? It is your fucking existence. Not the channels we use to publish. Just like your voice, your platform does not leave you. For you are consistently expressing yourself and your message, whether you realize it or not.

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So as you move throughout the day, remember you are allowed to express yourself in the very method and manner that seeks to emerge. You are allowed to transform. And you, my dear, are allowed to BE transformed, in whatever way is calling you.

You are the art you seek to create. So here’s to our collective transformation of reclaiming everything we thought we lost.

We got this.

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Sarah is a writer, artistic entrepreneur, and worldly explorer. With a B.A. in Philosophy & Sociology, her mission is to help others reclaim their voice & power by sharing their authentic selves and stories online. She is also a marketing mentor for Conscious Marketer©. 

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